ViewFinder is a dedicated Feedback Management service tailored to your business.

As well as building cost effective direct customer and client Feedback web pages and sites, we also construct web control panels for companies with many locations, venues, branches, offices or sites to input and view customer Feedback data centrally, live and in real time. We then coordinate the data, do the analysis and provide you with periodic reports to measure customer satisfaction, service performance, loyalty and many other facets of customer and client relationships.

Our simple and cost effective service removes from companies the hassle of having multiple data sources and the coordination, internal resource, time and effort that involves.

We take away the headache of customer feedback data management and turn it into an effective management tool that you can use and action, immediately.

You are then free to concentrate on the customer.

There are many variants of the service we offer, however they all achieve the same end, which is simplified customer feedback analysis in one place.

Contact us today for an explanation as to how it works.